About Us

N-nergy is actively supplying products and solutions to Ports, Offshore & Marine, Steel and Mining industry. Our company business activities stretch across Asia, well supported by our offices in Singapore, China, Thailand and some of our partners across Asia. We worked closely with our product manufacturers to provide full support for their innovative solutions and quality products to all our customers and end-users. We supply products for new projects as well as existing equipment upgrading, modification and retrofitting.

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Used Equipment For Sale

As a one stop solution provider, we have stretched our services to provide procuring, handling of export documentation, modification, lashing and mobilisation for used port machinery such as STS, RMGC, RTGs, Reach Stackers and Harbour Mobile Cranes. We have handled projects in China, India, South East Asia and Middle East together with our reliable and trusted partners globally. We have a list of equipment available for sale from our reliable partnering terminals. Do contact us should you have any interest in any of the used equipment.

Units available

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Our company is well equipped with a team of dedicated and experienced engineers who specialise in Design, Maintenance, Installation, Modification and Facility Upgrading. With modern and innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, our Engineering and Technical Team is committed to delivering high quality, efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions to provide our customers maximum satisfaction.

Modification of Gantry Rail Span

We incorporated our experience in structural engineer design for the modification of the gantry rail span from 22m to 16m according to international standard. Our engineering and technical team not only delivered high quality modifications but also met the safety requirements throughout the process of the project.

Preparation for crane mobilisation

Roll-on for 2 units 800 tons QC. All lashing works were according to international standard and complied with the safety requirements. The lashing designs were drawn by our experienced in-house design team. For this project, QC were prepared for Mobilisation and Boom structures were removed to enable bridge crossing along Shanghai Huangpu river.

Lashing of RTG cranes

Roll-on for 120 tons RTG. All lashing works are according to international standard and complied with all the safety requirements. The lashing designs were drawn by our experienced in-house design team. For this project, RTGs were prepared for Mobilisation before inspections and approvals by third parties and insurance companies.

Supply and delivery of cable reel systems

At N-nergy, we also provided services such as supplying and delivering cable reel systems for 21 units of E-RTG cranes’ conversion.