Low Voltage Rubber Flexible Cable with Integrated Fiber-Optics for Reeling Applications

Specially designed flexible cable for power mobile connections, for extremely high mechanical stresses. The cable is used in cable winding reels for winding and unwinding with concurrent tensile and torsion stress. Other applications include installation on conveyors, container cranes, harbour cranes, building machinery, handling machines. For use in wet or dry conditions, in industrial units, in underground and open-cast mining, in explosion-risk areas.

Design Features

ConductorsAnnealed flexible stranded tinned copper conductor class 5 acc.
to IEC 60228. Special construction ensuring higher
SeparatorIf needed a suitable tape separator between the conductor and
InsulationEPDM rubber, halogen-free, lead-free compound, type 3GI3 acc.
to DIN VDE 0207/20
Colour of insulationColour coding of power conductors compliant to HD 308,
DIN VDE 0293- 308
Power cores:
3-core circuit identification:
Brown, black, grey
Earth cores:
Earth conductorTinned or bare copper conductor, rubber insulated
Fiber Optic ModuleA-D(ZN)13Y 6, 12, 18 or 24 fibers G50/125, G62,5/125
or E9/125
Identification of the fibers Fiber coveringColor coded fibres and tubes
Loose buffered tubes with filling compound
Core arrangementThree power cores twisted together, earth
conductor split into 2 parts and FO placed into the
Inner sheathA special synthetic thermosetting compound type 5GM3 acc. to DIN VDE
0207/21, Yellow
Anti-torsion braidBraid of polyamide threads between inner and outer sheath
Outer sheathSpecial synthetic thermosetting compound, 5GM5 quality acc. to DIN VDE 0207/21, Yellow


Rated voltage0.6/1 kV
Max operating voltage1.2 kV
AC test voltage3 kV
Current carrying capacityDIN VDE 0298-4
Max conductor operating temperature+90°C
Max. conductor temperature during short circuit+250°C
Minimum ambient temperature for fixed installation-40°C
Minimum ambient temperature for mobile installation-25°C
Oil resistancePN-EN 60811-404, IEC 60811-404
UV resistanceUL 2556, ISO 4892-2
Twist limits50˚/m
Ozone resistantPN-ISO 1431-1
Travel speed180 m/min
Tensile load20 N/mm2
Flame propagationPN-EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2

Technical Specifications

Fibre Data

power conductor resistance