ERC 40

Construction type

Solid shaft (flange), Solid shaft (flange / foot)

Output signals / Interfaces

4-20 mA, Switch output position

  • Ø 14 mm solid shaft (flange or foot mounting)
  • Up to 15 position switches, switching capacity 230 V AC/DC, 0.5 A
  • Resolution 13 bit singleturn / 15 bit multiturn
  • Options: Current output (4-20 mA) for real-time position data

The position range monitors

The electronic position switches ERC 40 make it possible to flexibly monitor position ranges. For example, they are deployed in hoisting gear, in crane technology and in mining operations as well as in screw downs and side guides in steel works. The electronic position switches are often used as a simple 1:1 replacement solution in legacy systems where mechanical rotary cam limit switches are installed; moreover, they can also be integrated in new systems without any difficulty. They ensure high accuracy and facilitate fast and easy system calibration by means of presets, by setting switching points as well as uncomplicated data storage.


Supply voltage15-27 VDC
Resolution-Multi-turn 15 bit (32768 rotations)
Single-turn 13 bit (8192 steps per rotation or 0.044° = 360°/8192)
Switching outputsPosition switches; further switching functions on request (see U-ONE-Compact)
Signal outputs/Interfaces-None (switching relay only)
-Current output 4-20 mA
-Further interfaces (see U-ONE-Compact)
Maximum rotationSolid shaft: up to 2800 rpm
Electrical connection-Base module: Terminal box (copper cable) + USB interface
-Switching module: Terminal box (copper cable)
Construction type / Ø shaftsSolid shaft (B5, B35) / Ø 14 mm with feather key
Device temperature range-25 °C to +70 °C
Degree of protectionIP66
WeightApprox. 3.6 kg + 0.8 kg/module
Device options-Modularly extendable (up to 15 relay outputs or current output for real-time position data)
-Further additional functions: UOC 40
-SIL 2 (DIN EN 61508); PL d (DIN EN ISO 13849); Category 3 (DIN EN ISO 13849) can be implemented with USC 42
Mechanical options-Additional foot (solid shaft construction type)
-MI: Saliferous environment
Special features and certificatesSimple replacement for mechanical rotary cam limit switches