ADS with FM-200

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

The Kidde Fire Systems ADS with FM-200 Clean Agent Suppression System provides economical protection for larger enclosures requiring longer agent flow distances. Its innovative technology allows
the ADS with FM-200 System to deliver mass flow rates 2.5 to 3 times faster than a standard clean agent system. This innovation allows networking of longer pipe runs in complex configurations with smaller pipe sizes for protection of larger hazard areas.

ADS with FM-200 System Key Features

  • Increased agent flow rates and distances provide better coverage for larger hazard areas
  • Smaller piping diameter results in installation cost savings
  • Ultimate design flexibility provides the most economical protection for many applications
  • Offers higher cylinder fill capacities for more efficient agent storage
  • Enhanced performance and versatility – 3-way directional valves for economic protection of multiple enclosures