Malmedie Gear Joint Spindles GZ

Smallest external diameters for high torques and large shaft misalignments

For extreme requirements

Gear Joint Spindles are mainly used where high torques must be transferred with large shaft misalignments and with smallest external diameters.


  • Hot- and Cold Rolling Mills
  • Straightening Machines
  • Crane Travelling Units
  • Trolley Travelling Units


MALMEDIE gear joint spindles are always optimally matched to a very wide variety of customer requirements. Particular attention is paid here to the rapid replacement of worn parts.

All MALMEDIE gear joint spindles designs are produced from alloyed heat-treated steels with a high elastic limit. Depending on the type of steel and hardening methods used, 3 performance levels ensue.
The specifications in the table below are to be understood as guideline values only.