Four In One System

The modular system for couplings between motor and gearbox!

Reliable and highly innovative

The Flange-Coupling series “S” is a modular system that has “interchangeable” inserts, each of a different mechanical style. Utilizing common hubs, the center section of the assembly can
be either an Elastic type insert, a Gear type insert, a Barrel type insert or a Disc type of insert.

With the “Four in One” system, common components can be utilized with the differences in each coupling being only the type of insert.

The coupling series “S” is available with brake discs (BS) or without brake discs (B).

Available coupling (insert) types are:

> LX for Gear-Coupling
> TK for Barrel-Coupling
> EK for Elastic-Coupling
> LK for Disc-Coupling


  •  High standarization grade
  •  Wide variety of sizes and torque ratings
  •  Exchange of coupling without moving the motor
  •  Exchange of coupling without pulling hubs
  •  No geared hubs (LX)
  •  Easy replacement of coupling insert
  •  Easy retro-fitting of inserts
  •  Simplified spare inventory
  •  Rapid availability