1. Super arch rubber fender has large design compress deformation (when reaction force do not increase), 20% larger than V type fender and 8% larger than M type fender, enabling the increase of products’ energy absorption by large margin.

2. Among compress fender series, arch rubber fender (TD-B) enjoys relatively high energy absorption per weight unit (consume rubber).

3.  Excellent solidity of anchor is suitable to ship, wharf and docks, enjoying vast scope of application.

4. The disadvantage is that face pressure acted upon ship’s side panels are too powerful. Thus, it is not applicable to ships with weak side panel intensity (e.g. oil tanker). 

5. The forehead (working face) of TD-BB fender is equipped with frontal frame and PE frontal pad, so as to reduce face pressure and play down its friction coefficient with boat deck, hence, greatly eases shear force in berthing.

6. Unevenness of ship side panel (small boat or with outshoots) may probably result in deformation and damage of TD-BB fender frontal frame in berthing. TD-BPE is just designed to ward off this situation by reducing friction coefficient and easing berthing shear force.