High Speed Motors


  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifetime
  • Compact designs
  • Special designs
  • Great overload capacity due to high breakdown torque
  • Large field weakening range with constant performance
  • Overload protection by temperature sensors in the winding or on the bearing
  • Reinforced winding insulation for high dielectric strength and the associated better resistance to partial discharge within the winding
  • Low-noise design
  • High speeds can be represented
  • Adjustable with position transmitter and frequency converter
  • De-energized rotor and can therefore run in liquids, gases and in a vacuum
  • Favorable manufacturing costs

Technical Specifications

Power100 W – 500 kW
Rated Voltage12 – 690 V
Torque1 – 4000 Nm
SpeedUp to 30,000 rpm
EfficiencyUp to 95%
Degree of ProtectionAll types up to IP 6K8K