LEDioc LED EYE Lamp E39 Series

Renewed LED eye lamp with excellent usability and reliability. 50W has a high efficiency of 170ℓm/W.

High power and high quality

In addition to high power, we have realized a natural spread of light and an even and beautiful illuminated surface, which combines power and high quality.

Energy saving and safety are achieved by weight reduction and compactness

By adopting a polycarbonate resin casing, the Ladyoc LED eye lamp has achieved overwhelming weight reduction and compactness. It is designed to greatly reduce the weight and wind pressure load on the equipment compared to large and heavy LED lamps made of aluminum, and can be used with confidence even on existing equipment. Of course, it is an energy-saving lamp that emphasizes safety with sufficient energy-saving effects and basic performance such as 40,000 hours of life.

Two colors to choose the body and light source color

The main body is available in two colors, white and black. There are two light source colors: 5000K (day white) and 2700K (bulb color). Please choose according to the space and equipment used. (40W is white paint/light source color 5000K (day white) only).

Natural light spread and selectable light colors

Realizes a natural spread of light while controlling light efficiently. Creates a clean and even irradiation surface. A lineup of two types, a refreshing neutral white color (5000K) and a warm bulb color (2700K), which were not found in self-ballast mercury lamps. You can select the light color that suits the irradiation target.

Indoor/outdoor type that supports a wide range of temperatures

With a wide operating temperature range of -20℃ to +35℃ and a high waterproof structure, it can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • The base is not waterproof, so use it with a lighting fixture that has a waterproof structure. Also, when used with existing lighting equipment, it cannot be used with the waterproof packing on the equipment side deteriorated. Please use it after replacing it with a new one. (Includes waterproof packing for S type lamp holder)
  • The operating temperature is the ambient temperature when the lamp is on.

Adopts a shape and material with high heat dissipation

In addition to the shape with high heat dissipation, the heat dissipation material uses a polycarbonate resin mixed with a high thermal conductivity material. It can be used in a wide range of applications by efficiently diffusing the heat generated by LEDs.

Long life

Achieved a rated life of 40,000 hours by a new design that efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the LED. Compared to a self-ballasted mercury lamp, it has about 5 times longer life and less maintenance.

Insect Resistant

The LED is a light source that is hard for insects to approach because it contains almost no wavelengths in the ultraviolet region that insects prefer.