SFB Series

For STS, RMG and Ship unloader

The SFB and SFB-SH series has proven as a seawater-proof version for many years and it has been used successfully on winch motors in ship building and as a safety, service or holding brake in wharf crane installations. Other application areas are its use in travelling, trolley and hoisting gear in crane construction, as well as in roller mills, smelters and off-shore installations in machine construction.

Advantage Features

  • Spring applied safety brake
  • Electromechanically released
  • Protection-class IP67
  • Double wear reserve by single air gap adjustment
  • High work capacity
  • High wear resistance because of high abrasion resistance
  • Functional without cover
  • Emergency release screws

Extra Features

  • Special brake torque
  • Holding brake torques
  • Micro-or proximity switches * One-way, bridge and switching rectifier
  • Protective element
  • Brake control unit BCU 2001
  • Brake control and monitoring system BCMS-4

Technical Specifications

Brake size6.3 to 1000
Brake Torque45 to 13000 Nm
Mass Moment of Inertia0.0017 to 1.007 Kgm²
Speed range2000 ~ 6000 rpm
Coil voltage110 VDC
Air Gap0.3 mm to 3.1 mm
Bore typePilot Bore / Preferential Bore / Maximal Bore
Standard FlangesA250/A300/A350/A400/A450/A550/A660/A800