High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System

Fast Fire Protection for Challenging Hazards

The Kidde Fire Systems HP CO2 System utilizes highly sophisticated electric and/or pneumatic detection units which sense fire at its inception, immediately alerting
the control system. The Control Panel initiates the release of CO2 from the system cylinders. The suppressant is delivered through a fixed piping network with specially designed nozzles; providing rapid, automatic fire protection around the clock.

The Kidde Fire Systems HP CO2 is ideal for industrial processes where flammable materials and vapours present a potential hazard. For this reason, it is essential to have sufficient fire protection on site. The Kidde Fire Systems HP CO2 System, designed specifically for the hazard and operated automatically, assures immediate detection and rapid suppression.

High-pressure CO2 System Key Features

  • Damage-Free Fire Suppression Reduces Loss
  • Design Versatility with Three System Configurations
    • Total Flooding
    • Local Application
    • Local Hose Line
  • Rapid Response – Discharges in Seconds
  • Fights Surface or Deep-Seated Fires