YLZ Series

YLZ series hydraulic wheel side brakes are mainly used for windproof under the working condition of outdoor large and medium-sized cranes and port loading and unloading machinery and auxiliary windproof braking under non-working condition.
Among them, wheel brakes are generally only used on passive wheels, and direct braking can effectively prevent the braked wheels from rolling displacement under the action of wind force. The use of wheel-side brakes for windproof braking is a new type of windproof measure with ideal results, which is being widely applied. If wind-proof brakes are simultaneously used on the high-speed shaft of the drive wheels, the effect will be better and more economical.

Advantage Features

  • Normally closed design, safe and reliable; disc spring exerts force to brake, hydraulic station centralized drive release
  • The limit switch is set for interlock protection.
  • High-performance asbestos-free friction liner with high and stable friction coefficient, resistance to water and salt spray (sea water).
  • Anti-corrosion design, all fasteners and pins are made of stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance.

Technical Specifications

Wheel diameter500 mm – 1000 mm
Wheel width150 mm – 210 mm
Wheel pressure≤100T
Rated static friction45-150 kN