ZPMC Hoist Drums

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For STS, RMG and RTG Cranes

The Crane Hoisting Drum is one of the most crucial components in the crane equipment, with unique functions to wind steel wire ropes of the hoisting mechanism whereby converting the rotary motion of the driving unit into linear motion of the rope. During the hoisting drum operation, steel wire rope seat themselves properly into the spiral grooves arranged around the circumference of the drum. Due to this prolonged movement, the hoist drum grooves will wear out. At N-nergy, we supply high quality hoisting drums which are more durable and more resistant to wear and tear. The replacement process for the drum is very complex as the whole hoisting unit or mechanism needs to de-couple from the coupling which was coupled to the gear box shaft. Others equipment include hoisting motors, brakes and steel wire ropes have to be dismantle from the hoist unit.


MaterialLow-carbon alloy steel, Q345B, S355
SizeAccording to customer requirement
Welding Test100% UT and MT
Groove heat treatmentBy intermediate frequency quenching
Groove hardnessHB330-350
Groove hardness depth≥1.5mm