Safety Brake(SB) Series

SB series hydraulic safety (emergency) brake is a high-power braking device used on low-speed shafts (reel shafts), which can be widely used for large and medium-sized cranes, port handling machinery lifting and low-speed shafts of boom lifting mechanisms Emergency safety brake.

Advantage Features

  • Normally closed design, safe and reliable, specially-designed disc springs applied
  • Hydraulic driving release (type selection of hydraulic power unit)
  • Swift actions optionally equip with release limit and pad wear limit switch, which can realize signal indication and interlocking protection
  • Excellent sealing ensure the brake long service life
  • Convenient of installation and ease of maintenance

Technical Specifications

Disc DiameterΦ500 mm to Φ1800 mm
Torque50 Nm to 500 Nm