DSG P (generators)

Three-phase synchronous generators

  • Highly efficient thanks to permanent excitation
  • No wearing parts, high power density, low weight
  • Individual calculation and design
  • Options: DC voltage output (rectifier in terminal box)

The Efficient Solutions

Operating on the principle of permanent excitation the generators ensure a particularly high level of efficiency and energy availability. They offer high power density in conjunction with a low weight and, with the exception of ball bearings, they have no wearing parts. Bespoke versions take into consideration custom voltages, construction and shaft ends to fulfil application requirements. A typical field of application is making available electrical voltage onboard trains or in mobile container hospitals.


OutputUp to 30 kW
SpeedUp to 4500 rpm
TorqueUp to 83 Nm
Voltage12 / 24 / 48 VDC (or greater)
CurrentUp to 500 A DC
Electrical ConnectionTerminal / Cable / Custom Connector
Degree of ProtectionUp to IP68
Device OptionsShunt / Series / Compound versions
Mechanical OptionsSecond shaft end / custom attachment solutions (spring-operated brake etc…)