Dual Optical Smoke Detector (Avenar Detector 4000)


FAP-425-DO-R Smoke detector, dual-optical.
Analog addressable detector with two optical sensors, manually and automatically addressable. The detectors are connected to Fire Alarm Panel for a a relay output to transmit alarm signals. – Highly reliable and accurate thanks to Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP). – Earliest detection of lightest smoke with dual-optical versions (Dual-Ray technology). – Monitors environment for electromagnetic influence for fast root-cause analysis. – Automatic and manual address setting.

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage15 V DC to 33 V DC
Current Consumption< 0.55 mA
Alarm OutputPer data word by two-wire
signal line
Indicator OutputOpen collector connects 0 V
over 1.5 kΩ through, max. 15 mA