LEDioc LED EYE Lamp SP Series

LED eye lamp SP that is ideal for floodlights and high ceiling lighting.

It is equipped with the triple safety function of the HID ballast, which has a proven record in copper-iron ballasts.

  1. Winding overheat protection function: The non-recovery type thermal fuse that operates when an abnormal temperature rise shuts off the power and prevents a fire due to the burning of the LED power supply unit.
  2. Built-in capacitor for power factor improvement with safety mechanism: The power factor correction capacitor has a built-in safety mechanism (non-recovery method) that disconnects the capacitor from the circuit when an overcurrent occurs by itself, thus preventing accidents due to overcurrent.
  3. Overcurrent protection function: A built-in non-reset type fuse that operates when a current exceeding the specified value flows, to prevent accidents due to overcurrent.

Polarity free

Since the LEDs are lit by direct current, it was necessary to match the polarities of the lamp and the power supply when connecting the power supply separately. By incorporating a bridge circuit in the lamp part, the LED eye lamp SP can be turned on even if the plus and minus are connected in reverse. You can connect regardless of polarity.

  • *LED eye lamp SP is DC lighting. Be sure to use it in combination with the dedicated power supply unit.
    (Do not connect directly to the commercial power supply or the secondary side of the ballast.)
  • * Although the lamp is polarity-free, connect the tip of the base to the positive side of the power supply unit to ensure safety.

Long life 60,000 hours

By disposing the lamp and power supply unit separately, the heat dissipation design is optimized respectively.
It has about 5 times longer life than mercury lamp and reduces maintenance cost.

Low attractiveness

Since the LED contains almost no wavelength in the ultraviolet range that insects prefer, it is a light source that insects do not easily approach.

Suppresses noise generated by equipment (supports international standard CISPR 15) (power supply unit)

International standard CISPR15 stipulates the allowable value of noise and the measurement method because noise generated by lighting fixtures may cause malfunction of equipment. We measure noise according to CISPR15 and try to reduce it.