AL40 Singleturn Looper Series

ALS 40, ALPA 40


  • 14 mm solid shaft (flange or foot mounting)
  • Service life extended many times under the most extreme of operating conditions
  • High signal quality, up to 16 bit singleturn, variety of interfaces
  • Options: Incremental output

The specialists for the most extreme conditions

Looper encoders AL…40 are absolute encoders designed for the most extreme conditions with shock loads up to 450 g. They are mostly deployed in roll stands in hot rolling mills between the roll housings where they subject to high levels of energy. They supply precise information about the angle position of the looper, which is used for the highly dynamic feedback speed control of the rollers. At the same time the AL…40 reach a service life many times longer than other models. Lubricated with special grease their ball bearings offer an approximately 40 per cent higher load rating.


Supply voltage12-30 VDC
ResolutionSingleturn max. 16 bit (65536 steps per rotation)
Number of interfaces1
Interface/Product NameSSI (Gray; Binär; Inkremental)  | ALS 40
Parallel  |  ALPA 40
HTL,TTL  |  FGL 40
Maximum rotationSolid shaft: up to 4000 rpm
Electrical connection-Terminal strip in a terminal box
-Fixed cable
Construction type / Ø shaftsSolid shaft (B5, B35): Ø 11 mm, Ø 14 mm with feather key
Device temperature range-25 °C to +100 °C
Degree of protectionIP67 /IP 67
WeightApprox. 3.5 kg
Device optionsPreset function (preset 1000)
Special features and certificates-Ball bearings with 40% higher load rating, strengthened shaft