Energy Chains – MARATHON System

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The SYSTEM MARATHON design is a combination of festoon and energy chain system and it consists of energy chains with rollers for long travel. The upper part is guided with roller sets on continuous flat treads, whereby the sliding friction between the upper and lower chain part is completely avoided. In front of the chain radius the roller sets are lifted out of the guide rail. In the chain radius the roller sets are pivoted into the trough by means of polygonal shape and the chain is lowered in the trough. In the opposite direction of travel, the roller sets behind the chain radius swirl again, embrace the guide rail and carry the upper strand centered within the trough. Applicable in STS, RMG, RTG, Unloaded, Stacker Reclaimer systems.

N-nergy is the exclusive distributor for EKD SYSTEM MARATHON for port industries in China.


  • Totally individual configuration
  • Long travel distance – up to 800 meters.
  • Up to 8 m/sec travel speed
  • Up to 10 m/sec² acceleration
  • Extreme cable loads
  • No roofing required
  • Sea-worthy design
  • Plastic rollers with sealed stainless-steel bearings
  • Chains can be steel or plastic
  • Step-less width from 200 – 700 mm


  • Force not in energy chain direction
  • No sliding friction
  • No bending of the energy chain and the cables/hoses
  • Push and Pull forces reduced by up to 90% forces into the direction of energy chain
  • No repeated bending
  • No increased starting torques abrasion and wear- minimized
  • Product is low maintenance which reduces downtime
  • Wind and weather resistant
  • Quick and easy installation of additional cables

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